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    Re: 50th Love it or Hate it???

    I loved the everything about the 50th Celebration - the WONDERFUL castle re-do, the Mark Twain decorations, the way the park sparkles, the great retro merchandise (ESPECIALLY the Shag stuff), being part of the DCA Homeless last July, the AMAZING fireworks...the list goes on.

    I know it needs to end at some point, but I will be sad to see it go.....
    - PanTheMan

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    Re: 50th Love it or Hate it???

    For me, regardless of what Disney's marketing machine say, the 50th
    ends on July 16th, 2006. Although I won't mind some of the decorations
    staying a little longer. (besides, it didn't all go up overnight ~ except the
    crowns on the castle)

    You really couldn't beat the atmosphere in DL the morning of July 17th, 2005. Matt did all he could, in the short time he had at DL, to make
    sure that the park was sparkling for that day. I rode in on the monorail
    before the park opened. Cast members were EVERYWHERE making sure
    everything was better than new. And as most guests came done Main
    Street with their gold ears, Cast Members lining the either side of the street "Welcoming Home" everyone. You just knew this was a day unlike any other, even for the place called Disneyland. Quite frankly, I wasn't a
    fan of the "Welcome Home" theme, until I saw the cast members lined up on Main Street. That was a truly special day. I hope that spirit continues
    through the months and years as new cast members are added. And I hope the spirit of preparation that Matt took on will continue as well, as they should continue to prepare for the future. So for the actual day of
    the 50th, I was pleased.

    However, that's not to say that EVERYTHING that should have been done
    for the 50th, was done. Some were being worked on during the 50th, some were opened during that time, and many detailed quick things were
    done in time for the beginning of the 50th.

    Many of the items on my wish list for the 50th didn't make it:

    Updated Main Street Electical Parade with a special 50th Anniversary Unit ~ It's been almost 10 YEARS since this parade left DL, and since then it
    has only been shortened. For this parade that has been such a big part of DL history, and the saving grace of DCA, DL's ugly stepchild, WHY on earth haven't they been able to give it a refurbishment with new units, ESPECIALLY for the 50th of DL. In my opinion, this is the one thing on my wish list that is most unforgivable for ignoring. It wasn't even on the list of one the 5 major attraction that should be refurbished (a project that was at one time suppose to be the focus of the 50th, which became whittled down to nothing, but which sprung some seeds which are slowly
    beginning to emerge.) WHY cant DL do something to breath some fresh life into this parade that has done so much for all of DL?

    Now, I have questioned whether this should be brought back to DL or if it should stay in DCA. At this time, DCA really needs it more to draw the people, and if it were brought back to DL (whicy I would love to see), It would create havok with night traffic.

    The 2nd major thing missing from my wish list was a 5th Mountain for
    Disneyland Park. BUT unfortunately, NO New E-Ticket was there for the
    50th celebration. IF any birthday was deserving of a new e-ticket, and a new mountain, certainly it would be the 50th. That chance came and went, and with NOTHING on the horizon. Really a dissappointment.

    3rd major thing missing from my wish list. Re-Imagineer that craptastic
    Lazy Susan called innoventions. Place SOMETHING in there worthy to
    be called a successor to Carousel of Progress and America Sings, rather than than a suckfest.

    Next thing missing from my wish list ~ an update Star Tours. need i say anything

    NOW on to a few things that were accomplished for the 50th, that were on my wish list.

    A new fireworks show ~ This really met the mark of what was to be expected of Disneyland ~ AND that is saying a lot. Turning the castle into everything from the Train, a pirate ship, a haunted mansion to a shooting gallery. All the effects, and several locations of fireworks really made this the highlight of the 50th attractions.

    I also wanted a new parade for both parks, both were done very well.
    One parade, I wanted to be a high energy, festive atmosphere, and Block Party accomplished that, DL's parade was accented by voice over of Walt himself ~ all the characters become motionless, Walt speaks and they come to life ~ nicely done!

    On my wish list were 2 or 3 new C-Ticket Attractions. They got Buzz up and running just before the 50th started (although it had been planned for going back to the Pre-Pooh disaster that hit Critter Country). So DL did get a C-Ticket, people eater, even though it was a copy of an attraction from WDW. What is more impressive is how Superstar Limo was turned into Monsters Inc. They utilized existing infastructure and created a good C-Ticket attraction.

    Maintenance on existing facilities: Kudos to Matt for Refurbishment of ALL the building facades on Main Street ~ Major Project that needed to be done. Refurbishment completed on the Castle ~ the castle that had been a washed out lackluster icon, transformed beautifully ~ WITH ONE MAJOR Exception ~ SADLY the walk thru remained closed, with no sign of opening anytime soon. very sad that it has been closed for the 50th. Space Mountain refurished, and new light effects added. Again, kudos to Matt for getting it opened by July 17th ~ but againg this in my opinion is just a refurbishment, even though it was rebuilt.

    The extra 50th things: Gold Vehicles, Hidden 50's , photo mosaics, Gold Lamppost with Tink were and are All Nice touches ~ Oh, and the Crowns on the Castel were nicely done.

    Also add that the Subs will soon be taking guests on a new kind of voyage real soon. It's a good start on something else that was on my wish list ... but doing something on the peoplemover track is still on my 50th list, too!

    One other item to address, the 5 for the 50th did get a sideburner. But
    it was a nice surprise to see some "Gnu" features on the Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and soon Pirates.

    SO in summary, the 50th, do I love it or hate it:

    Some things were done beautifully,
    Some things are still being worked on, and
    Some things have yet to be worked on.

    Just can't have a simple answer to a question
    that had so many things to be addressed.

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