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Thread: After the 50th

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    Question After the 50th

    My first time at Disneyland was in June '05, just shortly after the 50th celebration was underway. I know nothing of the park in its non-anniversary extravaganza state, save for the things I've read or the pictures I've seen.

    I'm curious to know, once the festivities are over in October, what "normal" elements will be returning? Which fireworks show will fill the night air? Which parade will roll down Main Street? Is "Disneyland...The First 50 Magical Years" staying? Are they bringing back pre-50th things, or creating entirely new ones?

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    Smile Re: After the 50th

    Good Question... I am sure the fireworks and parades will chnage.

    I would love it if they kept the new castle

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    Re: After the 50th

    ORWEN: Ooooh, not this witch! I dislike taking a perfectly good castle and then hiding it behind a bunch of gaudy decorations that hide its natural charm and beauty. It'll be nice to have the castle back to its traditional look.

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    Re: After the 50th

    I'll be glad when the 50th stuff comes down, though I kind of hope they leave a few of the better "hidden" 50th Mickeys. Like Splash Mountain's. Other than that I'm looking forward to seeing the park in it's greatly refurbished glory without the extra 50th stuff, though the day that comes down is the day Halloween goes up right? And Christmas right after that. So I guess it'll be after the New Year until we get to see it spruced up without all the extra glam on.

    Now if they'd only do something ... anything about Tomorrowland.

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