Bruce, I'm not trying to be hostile, and I respect your work as an electrician. We may in fact agree to disagree. But couldn't you also frame your story as the "fault" of the insurance companies to just file a simple motion to dismiss the lawsuit?

I certainly agree that judge's make unfounded decisions all the time, and juries do also. But I'd ask you to consider that the right to sue for damages where fault exists is a vital part of capitalism -- in fact, it's a non-government "pressure" towards building safer products.

I'm not sure I agree that lawsuits put industries out of business. Almost every business I deal with has liability insurance, at minimum, or risk management departments, or law firms to fight on their behalf. Its insurance that keeps you from running "out of money for your defense." If you're in a business that might get sued and choose not to have have insurance - for your employees, for your vehicles, for your business, that's a bad business decision. The fact that your company is still in business as a sub contractor means that the threat of lawsuits, or lawsuits themselves, aren't what put you out of business.

Again, I mean this in the spirit of looking at all sides, and please don't take this as a personal attack -- on you, or your opinion.