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    Smile Any more heard of the rumours of a Soft Opening Of POTC on June 6?

    Last week this was mentioned a few times but I have heard nothing since.

    Evenif there was a soft opening.... what would the procedures be? Would it still say CLOSED in the main board?

    Who would we talk to?

    "Ho-ho-ho-ho, a santa life for me."

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    Re: Any more heard of the rumours of a Soft Opening Of POTC on June 6?

    Most likley there will be a cast-only opening first. We will hear about that quickly. Once they work out some things with there paid human guinipigs, then they have an un-announced soft-opening. Basiclly the doors open, and people just walk into the ride like any other day. One of those "Ow, POTC is open? Lets check it out!". 99% of the riders wont even know simply because they did not know it was closed in the first place! Just another day for tourist's. Only the DG (Disney Geeks) like us will know something special is going on. These soft-openings are never announced. Once the ride gets a good brake-in, then its "announced" to the public.

    Most new rides get a few weeks for the soft open. Buzz and Monsters were open for like a month before they announced it! Same with Space. The thing is, this is a re-work of an old ride. Not a LOT has changed with the functionality and it seems a lot of the changes are cosmetic. There really is no need for a human "brake in" period for this ride since you can just leave the AA's on and see what brakes and fix it.

    Im sure that if there is a soft-opening before the debuet, it will be cast only due to how high-profile this is. If there is a public soft-opening, it will be short.

    Time will only tell.

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