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    Pirates new soundtrack on CD???

    Does anyone know if and wehn the new soundtrack from the ride will be on CD? I have the older ones but was wondering if the new soundtrack was planned on being released to buy?


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    Re: Pirates new soundtrack on CD???

    I don't think the sound track is changing that much. There will be new dialouge that might effect the next official Disneyland CD (where they might use a clip or two) but for the most part the music and song will be the same.
    When Disney released the full float through of PoTC it was for the 33rd Anniversary. Maybe when this new version turns 33 we'll get a full float through of the new dialouge.

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    Re: Pirates new soundtrack on CD???

    Some of the movie music will be woven into the existing ambient music, so a full-ride soundtrack will definitely sound a little different.
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    Re: Pirates new soundtrack on CD???

    Maybe call deliver ears and ask

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