This July my family (12 of us...cousins and husbands and aunts and uncles) is making the first full family trip to DL we've had w/ all of us ever as a memorial trip for my grandmother (who passed away in feb) and grandfather. We were all raised as disney people and it all started w/ my grandma and grandpa. It is going to be a really special trip for sure. I'm trying to come up w/ a few special things we could do as a family together. I know we all won't be together all the time w/ 12 of us going. It's hard enough to keep 5 people together. But do you all have any generic ideas? I am thinking of creating a scavanger hunt thing that can be done while spit up in differant groups through out the day with a focas on the things we remember about grandma and grandpa. Anyway, you are all creative, so I thought i'd enlist some help. Thanks!