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    Re: Cast Members hired at age 17?

    Quote Originally Posted by tahoebob54
    I have been told by a cm that they have had many miners work on BTRR. but I don't know if they will be able to put in the loop.
    Well of course they have miners working at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad... it is a mine after all...

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    Re: Cast Members hired at age 17?

    Heres the scoop:

    Attractions: 18+ Years of Age
    Foods: 17+ Years of Age
    Custodial: 18+ Years of Age
    Entertainment/Parades: 17+ Years of age - Graduating Senior (some parts require you to be 18/graduating senior...dont ask me why, it's just what I see posted on the entertainment op's backstage)

    Disneyland currently asks that you are FULLY AVAIL.
    Mon-Fri: 4:00 PM - Close
    Sat-Sun: Open - Close
    *They wont give one person a break because they have a sport, games, other jobs, other things going on...they expect you and ask you to be avail around the clock practically if they need you...

    You can get certain days off by filling out an ADO (Authorized Day Off) form 2 months - 2 weeks in advance to the date you are asking off...and trust me, only 25% of the time will you get that day off...

    if you have any questions ask :P

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