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    Re: Cafe Orleans Update (merged threads)

    If you don't like the offerings in NOS, well then there's a good thing that there's tons of other places to eat, between five other lands, DCA, and Downtown Disney!
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    Re: Cafe Orleans Update (merged threads)

    Just a reminder - BB and (Sara Lee)/Cafe Orleans existed quite nicely for many years as sit-down table service restaurants in the same locations, and that was with the (seasonally open) Tahitian Terrace and other table service restaurants open at the same time in DL.

    I'm sure that the park is attracting more visitors these days than it did then, and even with the existence of DCA and DTD now, I'm sure that all will do quite nicely now.

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    Re: New menu for Cafe Orleans

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Dark
    Cafe Orleans: Moderate-high prices, decent but semi-gourmet menu, relatively low capacity -
    From what I understand, they are enlarging Cafe Orleans. With the 'new pirate show' stage, they are blowing out the back wall and making a larger dinning room. But then, you know what they say about rumors...
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