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    Re: Park BUSY this week?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sadako
    Ok, just got back from the park and I don't know if it was just the post-DCA closing rush or something, but the crowds in DL were craptastic. The Indy fastpass I got was for 2 hours later (Usually the Indy fastpasses are only for 30-45 minutes later on a calm day). I waited in line for half an hour on Space Mountain before it broke down and then decided to just shop and go home. Blah... at least I got excercise. >_<
    Sorry to hear that. Did you get to ride anything else?

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    Re: Park BUSY this week?

    I hope there is a low crowd on wed.... Its my birthday!!!!

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    Re: Park BUSY this week?

    We just got back and it was so-so. Line at dinner was about 20 min. but HM and JC were both walk on. Indy looked dead but with the line inside who can tell.

    However, viewing for Fantasmic and fireworks was packed
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    Re: Park BUSY this week?

    This weekend wasn't bad. Saturday we noticed the heat scared off a few people. It was still enjoyable, crowds were a little larger on Sunday. The Disneyland Hotel had a dance competition going on.
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