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Thread: Star Tours?

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    Question Star Tours?

    so i heard a while back that they where going to redo Star Tours or make like half of it a new one or make different trips,im sure you guys have already had this discussion but i have only been on here for about a week, so does any one know the deal with that or know any thing or have any predictions?

    i personally love star tours its such a classic reliable ride ide hate to see it different but then again it is old and would be cool if they made trips to different places or something new

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    Re: Star Tours?

    Well, I have heard that Lucas Wants to Redo the Attraction but I cannot confirm that. I do think it is very possable that it will be redone but don't count on it happening very soon
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    Re: Star Tours?

    according to screamscape's latest article and countless other rumours that have spawned across the internet, Star Tours 2 is DL's next project after Nemo.

    I wouldn't just expect a new film though - Lucas is Tecno-Crazy so let's at least hope for an all new knock your-your-socks-off Star Tours that will blow people away with multiple adventures/combinations, be smoother & have superior motion, feature Digital screens, animatronics and other new internal SPFX.

    The current technology is passay. Other Theme Parks are currently doing it better. Star Tours is over due for an upgrade
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