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    Radio Disney

    Does anyone know what happened to the Radio Disney Booth that was is Tomarrow land? Do they still broadcast from there. If not, then whats in that room now? Do they use it as a display case? I remember Just Plain Mark and Zippy worked in there and they would play radio disney out loud around the booth, but then they got canned and replaced by some other guy and that was the last i heard of the booth. So seriously, whats going on?

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    They took it out in February. Currently its empty, there's some sort of AP thing going in there.

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    I heard tha AAA will move into the old booth and vacate their gazebo in Town Sq. on Main St.
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    The Smoking area has returned....

    And they now advertise RadioDisney when you leave the Parking Structure... either check out 1110 AM, or the internet...
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