Thought some of you might enjoy some stereo audio adventures from the parks. My latest episode of The Meandering Mouse is a really fun one. I caught audio of Maynard telling me a REALLY weird story in a funny voice on Main Street. Also includes entire stereo audio of Philharmagic and the Sailing Ship Columbia in Disneyland. Show notes are below. ANYONE can listen to the show. Instructions and links below.

Have fun and enjoy!
Jeff from Houston

The Meandering Mouse Podcast
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ep#21 - Philharmagic, Sailing Ship Columbia, & Scary Orlando Souvenir Meanderings

*****Rated PG*****

This episode begins with the RETURN OF SAUL and his Disney park adventures. Join Saul as he experiences a trip through Florida's Fantasyland. Of course, Saul's journey through Fantasyland is a tad short on the fantasy and we can safely say that he visited something more like Scaryland.

Next, The Meandering Minnie and I enjoy Philharmagic where we experience a bit more fantasy than poor ole' Saul.

After leaving Fantasyland, The Meandering Mouse returns to DISNEYLAND to explore some sound oddities and take a ride on The Sailing Ship Columbia. In the sound oddity portion of the Disneyland audio, we stumble upon Maynard, the rather famous but odd Disneyland cast member, as he tells us a really weird story on Main Street. We also stop in New Orleans Square and discover that Californians have NO rhythm whatsoever while we listen to a live street act.

Last, we travel outside of the Disney bubble and hit the streets of Orlando to explore the creepiness of off-property souvenir shops. No comforting or pleasant souvenirs are found. Instead, we discover some of the oddest damn objects on Earth.

This episode is packed full of goodies so get ready for some fun!!!

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