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    Smile Video of Fireworks anyone?? (link link!)


    Well i just got back from Disneyland on an 8 day extravaganza .... more on this to follow ----- I RUINED MY VIDEO OF THE FIREWORKS,

    Does anyone have a link to one?
    Does anyone have a good mp3 of the music too?


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    Re: Video of Fireworks anyone?? (link link!)

    There are High rez and very well done videos of several f Disneyland entertainment inclduing the fireworks for free downloading at They are in a topic called "Disneyland on Film".

    The person that posted them posted all the link in one post together.

    here is the link (hope its ok to post) scroll down to post 195

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    Re: Video of Fireworks anyone?? (link link!) or

    Search Disneyland Fireworks, you'll get tons of results :3

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