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    Concept Art for Town Square

    I'm just flipping through my "Art of Disneyland" book, and found myself looking at a piece of work called "Town Square, Overall" by Dale Hennesy (1953). (pg 2 if anyone wants to look at this for reference).

    Nothing major, but Town Square is reversed (switch City Hall, Tour Gardens, Fire Station with the Opera House). The caption reads "Although this rendering of Town Square is strikingly similiar to the area as built, the major buildings have traded places east to west. Was this decision aesthetic, practical, scale related, or story motivated It's interesting to wonder."

    Does anyone have any theories? Mine is that the buildings were flipped at the same time when it was decided to switch Tomorrowland and Adventureland locations to take advantage of the tall trees already on-property. Would backstage access for the horse drawn streetcats be a factor, too? Hmmmm.....

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    Re: Concept Art for Town Square

    That would be an interesting theory. In Disneyland I do not know why it was switched.

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    Re: Concept Art for Town Square

    I'm going to have to say it was a space issue. Look at Town Square from a satellite image. City Hall and the Fire Station are backed up almost right along the Jungle Cruise. The Opera House is simply too massive to fit in that space.

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    Re: Concept Art for Town Square

    I think lazyboy's probably got it.

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    Re: Concept Art for Town Square

    I don't really have any idea, but that has never stopped me yet. I don't think it was a space issue as the rivers hadn't been dug out yet, so a larger building footprint could have been accomodated.

    It may have something to do with the opera house being the original lumber mill for the construction, and placing it on the harbor blvd side so that deliveries could be made may have had something to do with it, but I really think it was probably just an aethestic decision.

    I have seen other main street concept art with the penny arcade on the east side, I'm sure they moved the different peices around untill it just felt right.

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