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    Last time at DISNEYLAND

    We'll we just did are last trip to disneyland. We are being trasfered to Fl. I know we'll have disneyworld but its not the same. We don't plan on going back intell 2010 when my youngest ds turns 13. We had lots of fun. All you guys enjoy your trips to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Last time at DISNEYLAND

    I hope you have a fun new adventure!! I've never been to WDW, but I'm sure you'll "make do"!!!

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: Last time at DISNEYLAND

    man that sucks! well have fun in Florida and at Disney World, hopefully you can come back to Disneyland sooner than you expect.

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