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    "50th" Hidden Mickeys

    So I found the first hidden mickey in the park. I am sure others have found this one and many others that are starting to be placed in the resort. It was mentioned on the Cast Blast video. What you are looking for is a golden mickey ear with the logo "50" on it. I will not ruin any surprises, but was spotted in fantasyland. Do we know how many will be hidden???

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    Well I will state the obvoius, probably 50. I am sure this will be one more thing to keep us all enjoying ourselves at the anniversary. I can hardly wait. I am coming to Disneyland on July 16th and staying until th 22nd. Looking for golden hidden Mickeys will be fun.

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    I found one in Critter Country, but it was not at all hidden!

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    I thot those were going up on May 4th....
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    I seriously doubt much of anything it going up on May 4th since its media/celebrity day. The last minute decorations will probably go up overnight May 3rd or very early May 4th.
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    Oooh, I just can't wait!
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