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    Question Happiest Faces on Earth Notification

    Did any of you guys receive notification of whether or not your photos will be included in the new Happiest Faces on Earth photo-mosaics? It seems to be getting close to go-time on the Celebration and I still haven't heard... :confused:
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    Haven't gotten mine yet either. It is probably the last thing on their list of things to do. I wouldn't be surprised if we got them closer to May.
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    i wanna know if my pics made it. i sent two. One of th bf and I in Jan and the other...uhhh I don't remember what the other was
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    I'm sure they used every single one of them that wasn't offensive.
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    Rumor has it that the notifications will go out in a couple of weeks, which is around the time they said they would notify people.

    You can check out the discussions we have had on this subject here, here and here.
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    Wow, it has been so long ago, I forgot about them!

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