I posted this in the WDW section, but as it also concerns music from a DCA attraction, I guess it's OK to put here as well.


Bruce Broughton wrote the following music for Disney theme parks around the world;

Cinemagique – Disney Theme Parks / Paris
One Man’s Dream – Disney Theme Parks / Florida
Golden Dreams – Disney Theme Parks / California
Seasons of the Vine – Disney Theme Parks / California
Ellen’s Energy Crisis – Disney Theme Parks / Epcot Center, Florida
Timekeeper (USA) – Disney Theme Parks / Circle-vision
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience – Disney Theme Parks / Epcot Center, Florida
From Time to Time (Euro Disney / Japan) – Disney Theme Parks / Circle-Vision
Mickey’s Audition – Disney Theme Parks / Disney World, Florida
The Making of Me – Disney Theme Parks / Epcot Center, Florida

He also has scored several movies including The Rescuers Down Under.
Actually, I think Seasons of the Vine is on the DCA soundtrack, which makes me wonder if Cinemagique is on any of the French releases.
We saw John Mauceri conduct Ellen's Energy Crisis at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, and that's got to be one of my favorite tracks.