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    Re: Pregnancy and Disneyland rides

    I went to DL while preg. with my 2nd, though it was in the 3rd trimester.

    but I went on everything, except the posted warnings,
    Space, IAJ, Matterhorn, Autopia (yup), Star tours makes me sick anyway so I skipped it, BTMRR,

    I did go on splash, and pirates...

    We had no problems...but I was cautious. Rembember, that's only a few rides that you should not go on (DCA wasn't open yet) and I did not feel like I missed anything, in fact it was one of my favorite trips ever, because we took it slower (I was very tired) and I watched more of the entertainment and attmoshper preformers, paid more attention to the enviroment around me, found more HM that trip than ever...we had a fantastic time....

    I would caution you to remeber that though our bodies are designed to carry a baby to term, they are still very delicate. and things can happen, but usualy (thank god) don't.
    Just be cautious.
    Remember to hydrate, and rest, the first trimester can be exhausting. and you will enjoy yourself more if you slow down (IMO)

    but trust your body, you are the only one that knows what's going on inside (you have a better sence if something's right or wrong usualy before your Dr.)

    also be careful of your back...mine was fine the first pregnancy, but the second wrecked havok on it...

    Basicly enjoy yourself, don't think of it as missing out on rides, think of it as gaining atmosphere....

    again I think it was one of my favorite 2 trips ever!!!!

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    Re: Pregnancy and Disneyland rides

    Thank you everyone for the great advice. It was all very positive.
    I love disneyland and plan to spend my time walking thru the park.
    I can always enjoy shows like the Tiki Room, Golden Horseshoe, Mark Twain and rides in fantasyland. I am usually racing from fast ride to
    fast ride so now I can leisurely stroll. Plus, I can shop and eat all my
    favorite snacks in the park.

    This is my second pregnancy. I barely remember the experience of my first pregnancy which took place in 1996! I did visit disneyland in 1996 while I was pregnant and I rode the tea cups and pirates. I was younger too! Now, in my forties, I am a bit more cautious and feeling like a pregnant old lady.

    If you happen to see a partially gray haired pregnant woman wearing
    Mickey Mouse ear and waddling thru the park, shout out a hello.

    I am going to Disneyland!

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    Re: Pregnancy and Disneyland rides

    I am 19 weeks and I'll be going to Disneyland in a couple weeks. I planned on riding Splash and Pirates both. I am sure you aren't "supposed" to ride Splash, but I would feel comfortable riding it. I am just not a delicate person and neither of my pregnancies have been delicate. I think I am one of those "tanks" someone mentioned.
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    Re: Pregnancy and Disneyland rides

    Here's what I find interesting. There are a lot of MCs that have been pregnant while going to the park and each one has a unique approach and experience. My wife was pregnant with our first on one of our visits and we took it easy (nothing fast or jolting.) She is healthy and in good shape however due to other circumstances, our first child had complications during birth. From what her OB/GYN told us, there was nothing we could have done differently to change the events (and FYI, our daughter is fine,) it just was the cards we were dealt. With that being said, personally, I would consult your doctor first and take his/her advice. Everyone's experience is different and what might effect one person may have no bearing on your experience.

    Good luck with your experience. Just remember, in just a short time you will get to do a great thing, you will get to share Disneyland with your child. To me, that has been one of the greatest adventures at Disneyland, seeing things from a perspective I never knew existed.

    Such as, running APers over with my stroller...... j/k, damn I'm in trouble now, I can feel the flames already.
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