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But you're totally ignoring the POINT of Superstar Limo, which was to PURPOSELY depict a cartoony, fake, tongue-in-cheek Hollywood! I personally would have liked to have seen some more classic celebrities (like passing Marilyn Monroe standing over the vent), but how could you have not laughed at Regis Philbin popping out with a wad of money while your driver says, "It's Regin Philbin... and that's my final answer!"
I love how passionate you are in what you say and optimistic you are about everything. It's great to see that for a change in pace even if we don't agree. It reminds me of how I am at times. Sure it wasn't the BEST attraction but I try to find the good in the bad to make everything more enjoyable.

When I went on SSL I thought it was completely unique, just like you said. I remember laughing at Joan Rivers (who is no longer with E!/Disney anyway) the most. The voice of Swifty was interesting and it did remind me of Roger Rabbit. Overall, it could have been worse.

I just think it is sad how Disney literally admitted their mistake of this attraction by leaving it sit there, "open" with the sign saying it was closed. Didn't they also remove it from park maps? I think that is what makes everyone stop and reflect to much on this one attraction-- the fact that it simply SAT there for so long. We're doing the same thing with Subs and the People Mover too on this board if you didn't notice.