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    Pirates has begun....

    Tonight after the last F! show, 3 pickup trucks and a golf cart came from behind splash mountain and parked right in front of the rivers of america. TSI is now closed until after the 24th. Tonight they worked on TSI to get ready for the huge screen. The word is that on Monday a helicopter will bring in the huge screen. ALso a huge group of Pirate CM's came out of POTC. Claimed they are doing testing. This was your soft opening only for POTC CMs.

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    Re: Pirates has begun....

    I heard that the Blue Bayou CM soft opening night crew was also given the opportunity to experience the attraction, although I have not as of yet been able to confirm or deny this.
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    Re: Pirates has begun....

    Man I bet that would be really awesome to see the new movie on a huge screen on TSI but I bet its gonna cause a boatload of problems till everything is done and finished
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    Re: Pirates has begun....

    Yes, there were CMs riding tonight. Early word is the ride is very good! Lighting and sound is better than ever.. No real details given though.

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    Re: Pirates has begun....

    During my F! shift, I peeked inside from the staircase going to the gallery, and I thought the lighting of the parrot was awesome! It really looked light it was moonlit!

    I can't wait till the 26th!
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