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    TR - DL exhibit Oakland Museum

    So wife and I went today. Overall so.
    If you have seen travel channel specials about DL, if you have DL DVD's of sorts, if you read E-ticket probably have seen most of everything at the exhibit. They have a TV screens around with interviews that I have seen already. They have drawings of original park design etc..the most of you have probably seen in mags.
    OK so there is a Peter Pan ride boat you can sit in and take your picture. How many of us don't have a picture of THAT !! don't take your OWN's an automated system. And like Buzz ride, you can email the picture. BUT.... emailing the picture signs you up for a USA today email subscription AND you have to pay $1.00 to download your picture.
    So there is a Mr. Toad car on display. We all haven't seen that before !! LOL. You can't take a picture of it.
    So there is an AA Abe Lincoln. He's naked !!!!!! (as my wife said). You see the face on the head but the rest you see the inner workings.
    You pay a fee to get into the museum. You can see any exhibits except the Disneyland exhibit. You have to pay extra to see the DL portion. They loan you a little device that you can listen to little blurbs at certain stations. Again...mostly stuff you've all heard.
    The DL exhibit is not in all one location. You see part of it..then continue on through other exhibits following signs to get to another set of pictures, displays, etc. They give you a little sticker to wear so you can enter the DL parts. However...there were rarely any , what do I call them, CM's ?, checking, so one could easily walk through a DL area. Before someone has you leave you would see everything. Side note: The little sticker is red and it reminded me of the A.D.D. pins.
    I would say if you are a DL 'regular' knowledge person...not really worth the $14 to get in...nor worth a long trip to Oakland to see it. But I'm glad I saw it to say I saw it. pictures allowed.

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    Re: TR - DL exhibit Oakland Museum

    I recently saw the exhibit and thought it was terrific. Seeing the actual pencil drawing of the concept art for the park was just amazing! We have seen that art, but a copy of it. This is the real thing and you have to see the detail! The exhibit is set up as a story from Walts beginnings to current. Info on all the lands, the theming, restaurants, rides, etc. I learned something new about Indiana that I never knew. The President Lincoln animatronic was neat to see. To think that this was thought of so long ago. We did take our picture on the Peter Pan vehicle and have sent it to many friends. They are all getting a kick out of it. I was sad when it was done and wanted more. I was bummed that no pictures could be taken. But then, it's actual art and they are trying to preserve it. I guess I understand. For those of us who can't see the park often enough, and just need a "Disney fix", this is it. It's for the true Disney fan. You'll love it!

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    Re: TR - DL exhibit Oakland Museum

    Here's an earlier thread with some really good reviews that I enjoyed...

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