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    Lightbulb A thought about the CM trouble at Disneyland

    I am very much an outsider on this one and really have no idea what I am talking about...but I have a thought about the CM trouble at Disneyland.

    We are in the waning months of the 50th celebration. Attendance has been way up, even in the off-season. In theory doesn't that insure increased revenue?

    I understand the desire to put new attractions in at DLR etc but shouldn't some of the profits be passed down to the CM's in increased wages and/or benefits? What good is a park with brand new atractions without anyone working there because the wages and benefits are lower than any other place where teenagers and young adults typically find employment?

    I assume I am not seeing the whole picture. Someone please help me understand.
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    Re: A thought about the CM trouble at Disneyland

    the problem is labor is a long term recurring cost and once you go up.. its very hard to go back.

    Labor costs as part of your total expenses is something business tries to manage very closely.

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    Re: A thought about the CM trouble at Disneyland

    I don't know if the wage of CM's needs to be increased or not. But Disney can (should) be spending some of this year's profits giving back to the CM's. Improve break areas, (that includes fixing AC, microwaves, ect in the break rooms), insure that vending machines in the breakrooms are kept stocked. Not run the employee caferterias as "for profit" but reduce the costs for the CM's. Maybe more freebies for CM's. After the 50th give the CM's a T-shirt or hat or something. Something that might cost the company $5 to produce (I have no idea how much it would cost Disney to produce enough T-shirts or hats for all of their CM's) I don't collect pins, so giving me a pin doesn't do much for me. But a hat or T-shirt, big plus for me.

    I'm sure there are other issues that the current CM's would state.

    Some of these (capital improvements/repairs) to breakrooms might not be an on going cost, but a one time fix. Some of them cost a little more and are more on going costs, but at a lesser extent then rising wages.

    Anyhow, I've been long gone from DL as a CM, so I don;t know all of the current issues or problems, just what I've read here.

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