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    Re: What would a Disneyland Guest Costume look like?

    If they're gonna have guest costumes, they should have guest casting!

    A guest costume should reflect the ideal. In Walt's time that probably would have been a suit for a guy. A suit is formal and shows you are taking the park seriously. There's no need for fanny packs. You trust your host, Walt, to provide everything you need at a reasonable price. A female would wear a nice dress, but her guy would still oogle the tour guides in their short skirts. The guest should have a high level of refinement and style and is not easily fooled by cheap merchandise. These guests would fit right in wondering around the unique stores and antique shops of New Orleans Square.

    Today, however, the ideal guest costume in the eyes of Disney corp. might be a lanyard covered with overpriced chunks of tin, and free arms to carry lots of merchandise. Instead of the healthly slim look of guests past, today's ideal guest looks ready and able to eat a thousand churros. The guest should give no evidence of a discerning taste, least they detect the hundred times markup on most items.

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    Re: What would a Disneyland Guest Costume look like?

    Quote Originally Posted by InnerSpace
    I don't know why people have to show off their tickets, fastpasses, etc. Some people actually do it intentionally which is dumb. I know not all people wear them to show off, but why do they have to put them on display for everyone to see?
    I don't think they're on "display". For a lot of people, it is just a nifty way to carry their ticket around without having to search through a backpack for it every time they want to use it for the fast pass or something. I tried going the lanyard route myself for the first few visits, but found that getting the pass in and out of the plastic sleeve was difficult for an impatient person like myself and I ended up ripping it a little, so I gave up. With the gazillion AP holders that are out there, I don't know what is so special that people would be showing them off to impress others.

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    Re: What would a Disneyland Guest Costume look like?

    Quote Originally Posted by Speedway
    I always love seeing old Disneyland photos especially for the way people dressed. Back then, going to Disneyland was more of an 'event' - people dressed formally, and everyone looked smart and dressed up.

    I think casual to smart attire should be required. Ladies: dresses, skirt suits, trouser suits, nice tops. Gents: Polo shirts/shirts + trousers or suits.
    It makes Disneyland overall look more smarter, and because everyone has put more effort in to their appearance, people feel smarter, and that has an effect on the surroundings.
    Deja vu, I was just commenting on this in another thread. I would love to see people dress better for DL. But I gotta say think twice on the dresses for women. I still have nightmares from my grad night from girls climbing in and out of rides showing things I really did not need to see.
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