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    Exclamation Confusion over Red Carpet for POTC Premiere.....

    Ok, I know that some parts of the park are closed at 5 pm and other parts close at 8 pm. However, DL says that people can start lining up for the red carpet whenever they want to. My question is, when Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, etc. close at 8 pm, how are they going to get all those people out of the park. And what about after all the celebrities walk the red that when all the guests really have to leave???

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    Re: Confusion over Red Carpet for POTC Premiere.....

    From what I have been told by a pirates cm the red carpet starts at 8 AM. Once everyone is checked in and getting to there areas they will either ask you to leave the park or you can go to the open areas. At 8pm however everyone that is not associated with the party will be leaving the park through main street. If a more well informed CM has anymore to add please do. Because I could be totally wrong here and I don't want to give any wrong information.

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