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    Brer Jack Sparrow

    The end of the Pirates of the Carribbean kind of parallels Splash Mountain now. You have the main character imperiled throughout the ride, only to have him relaxed and indulging in his victory. Also, both are singing the main theme song to the ride and are stretched out in relaxed positions. I don't know, I guess that's the first thing I thought of when I saw Jack Sparrow and now I can't seem to get the Brer Rabbit connection out of my head. It's interesting that both rides are also flumes with drops. There's nothing special about it or anything, it's just kind of interesting how much the new ride's Jack Sparrow parallel's Brer Rabbit. Tony Baxter's storyline touches maybe?

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    Re: Brer Jack Sparrow

    Does that make his parrot Mr. Bluebird(assuming the parrot actually sings along and isn't just Dee Bradley Baker making bird noises)?
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    Re: Brer Jack Sparrow

    Interesting thought...

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    Re: Brer Jack Sparrow

    Maybe they should take a scene from Pirates back to Splash Mountain next and have the "Gluttonous Chickens chasing food", now THAT is a true Tony Baxter storyline touch.
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    Re: Brer Jack Sparrow

    you know what i thought when i saw jack at the end "someones been watching me......" as that is my position of choice when watching tv......i now they are following me now

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