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    Annual Passes: Park, Online, or Mail?

    I am planning on buying my first AP this week, but I do not know whether to get it online, at the park, or through the mail. I understand that there is some kind of 50th AP Pack, as well as a way to choose what your AP looks like, but I am not sure how this works? Any suggestions?

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    I got mine at the park.... I went on a weekday afternoon. I avoided lines outside the park, and at 5 pm on a Wednesday, it's pretty slow INSIDE the park at the AP line, too. And trust me, you don't want that little Space Mountain exit to get filled up with too many people.... it all smells like poo cause of the bathrooms. :P

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    If you purchase by mail, all you get is a voucher. There is no way for a new AP holder to get the March mailing, or the special Tinkerbell AP (that is a special benefit for renewing by mail).

    If you purchase it by mail or online, you have to wait for the voucher to be sent to you.

    I would just by the AP at the park... but you might want to look into buying an ParkHopper first, this way, for the first visit, you can get an Early Entry and an ESPN Zone game card, along with not having to worry about Blockout dates.

    A couple of things to remember...

    The ParkHopper is only good for 2 weeks after first use, and you must upgrade prior to having the PH expire.

    You must UPGRADE to an AP, therefore make sure the price of the ParkHopper is less than the cost of the AP you want to get.
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