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    Pirates Of The Caribbean New Scenes VIDEOS , Premiere Event VIDEOS......and MORE!!

    Hello ,

    Here are some good links that you're all waiting for, where you'll be able to see great videos on the new scenes of the attraction AND videos of the "premiere" event just like you were there! ...........And, much more, with a video of johnny depp doing the ride, with his comments, another one with two of the pirates of the movie ( also doing the ride ) and even one video of a full scene of the upcoming movie!

    All these videos were not shoot by me, so let us all thanks the guys who did them for us!

    Before you rush to the links, a great news about the THIRD movie, coming next year: the climax scene of the movie will be a HUGE, tremendous, stunning, sea battle with dozen and dozens of ships , and all this during an incredible storm!

    okay, here are the links, most of the videos are in colour ( except the first one )..........enjoy them!


    davey jones waterfall projection scene :

    the end scene with johnny depp and the treasure:

    the final decor , at the very end of the ride:

    the skeletons scene at the beginning:

    a vidéo with all the new scenes ( always in colour, but a litle bit darker )

    E! was there , do the ride with two of the actors playing pirates in the movie:

    GREAT VIDEO with johnny depp on the ride !:

    a WHOLE scene of the new movie ! :

    an interview of johnny depp ( a kind of "featurette" with, too, images of the movie ) :

    interview of orlando bloom at:

    the premiere event at disneyland, just like if you were there! :

    everybody became hysterical at the arrival of johnny !:

    another video of the red carpet ( strangely, with no sound, but with the music of the movie) :
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    Re: Potc New Scenes And Premiere Event Videos......andmore!!

    GREAT VIDEO with johnny depp on the ride !: n
    Ok the part at the end where he gets up close & personal with the Sparrow in the barrel is hilarious. He was really freaked out over how much it looked like him... but in a good way. He looked like he was actually kind of scared to touch it! LOL!

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