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    Question Honey I shunk the audience? Really...

    I think this show should be replaced... It's OLD stale and well, I don't think it fits with everything else... Yes it's entertaining but only the first couple times... that might have been the reason for getting rid of EO...

    I think they should do an original idea... Yes Captain Eo did have it's problems but I think without all the singing it would be great 3-D space battle with laser shows again...

    It's not big enough for a new ride... There is enough shops over there so another show of some type would be great... I don't know... What's everyone elses thoughts?

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    Re: Honey I shunk the audience? Really...

    Put a show where it moves, but you shoot little targets too. Or put the peoplemover in it!!

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    Re: Honey I shunk the audience? Really...

    Welcome to Micechat, though I believe that this should be in the Disneyland forum...

    Anyway. I'd like to see a new show that blows the lid off of special effects and technology and HISTA isn't it.
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    Re: Honey I shunk the audience? Really...

    I like it, keep it. Welcome to MC!

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