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Hey AlohaStitch, we were two of those people sitting by you -- not the ewww/grumpy ones though!! You must have posted while I was still typing earlier!! Just wanted to say thanks for such a fun day--we were worried that there would be a lot of really rude crabby people and it would be a nightmare, but the waiting was part of the fun! Well, anyway, thanks again and see you guys next year!! Nicole & Corina
*Jumps up and down and WAVES* OMG!!! That was sooo much fun with you guys...(Great pic of Johnny there!!) We were still laughing about the ewwww/grumpy ones on the other side of us..They were just creepy. But, same here, we were worried who we would get by..but you guys just made the time go sooo much faster and just lots and lots of laughter. (plus the "trivia contest" ...Sooo who wants another CD?)

Can hardly wait for next year..same time...same piece of Main Street!!!!!

Kim (and Josie says Hi too!)