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    Re: Does a theme park need dangerous thrill rides?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Orville
    there was a fatal stabbing in the 80s and thats not on the list..hmm
    I warned them that Stab-o-rama was a law suit waiting to happen, but did they listen to me?

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    Re: Does a theme park need dangerous thrill rides?

    Quote Originally Posted by ralfrick
    I recently saw a show about thrill rides on the National Geographic channel. They talked of a guy that designed 3 coasters which were notorious for causing injuries, and, apparntly, the lines to ride were huge. People, huh, go figure.
    The public's relationship with roller coasters/thrill rides is indeed very interesting. The perception of being put in danger draws people in, and you can read about or watch shows on the chemicals released in the human body under such conditions - giving people a "high" of sorts.

    When you look at the history of roller coasters, especially the early history when there was much less in the way of safety standards, do you know which roller coasters were the most popular? Interestingly, it was the ones that were known to have had caused deaths. The fact that a coaster had killed someone added to the danger factor and increased it's popularity.

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    Re: Does a theme park need dangerous thrill rides?

    Walt did oversee the Matterhorn however, and back in the day, that ride would have been getting pretty close to the pinnacle of thrill. Long story short, the 50+ years have resulted in better technology in general, and ways to make BIGGER, FASTER rides safe for people. With the heigh requirements what they are, the POTENTIAL for these rides to still be enjoyed by the entire family exists.

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    Re: Does a theme park need dangerous thrill rides?

    First off,

    All rides are dangerous if not operated correctly and if the passengers of theses rides do not use common sense. These are giant machines, just like your car it's safe unless the car fails or another driver does and then they can cause deaths also. So do we need cars?

    Deaths caused by a pre-existing condition can not be blamed on the park, how many deaths have occurred while kids-adults were participating in some sort of physical activity(sports-recreation). Do you want to stop these types of things also?
    All thought very sad, these deaths were NO ONES FAULT! The parents didn't know and neither did the park, so unfortunately there is no place to lay the blame and I believe that is where the problems begin.
    Parents-Family are looking for some kind of closure and there really is none to be had but, suing the parks is not the answer.
    Disney has been pretty stand up about when there at fault and I'm glad that they are starting to stand up for themselves when it's not.

    Like I said I understand the pain and I feel for the families but you can't blame the park.

    And lastly please stop with the WWWD stuff, Walt would do what ever it would take to stay successful in the current market, He did build the Matterhorn and last time I checked thats a thrill ride.

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