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    Re: In honor of the 4th of July, Oogie presents 'America On Parade', Pictures from 1976


    How awesome! Thank you so much for sharing the multitude of photos from America on Parade at Disneyland.

    I saw this parade at Walt Disney World on my first trip in 1976. I was five, and I still remember parts of it. I was entirely entranced by it. As I grew up my parents had the souvenir program for the parade and whenever I could find it I would pore over it, always amazed (if a bit creeped out) by the big headed characters.

    When I visited my parents several months ago back in the midwest I found myself poring photo albums and such looking for pictures from that first trip to WDW. No luch. After several hours, my father finally found a box hiding in the back of a closet that had a bunch of slides in it.

    Success! After nearly 30 years the pictures from my family's first trip to Magic Kingdom were found. They are all on slides and most of them are of the parade.

    Your pictures have brought back so many memories. Thank you so very much for sharing them.

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    Re: In honor of the 4th of July, Oogie presents 'America On Parade', Pictures from 19

    Quote Originally Posted by DCACM
    They creeped me out too!
    Me too.

    I was at Walt Disney World on July 4th, 1976 and I was with a couple of very famous Imagineers. As we watched America On Parade, one of them whispered in my ear, "I hate those [G-D] hydrocephalic creatures! They look like mutants with dead doll eyes. Got all the appeal of a piñata." This cracked me up because I felt pretty much the same way but didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if either of these gentlemen had worked on the thing.

    A big Bob Jani Production...that's for sure. The Sherman Bros did the music. I can still hear it...

    "On the eve of this glorious,
    Mostly uproarious,
    Forth...the Forth of July!"

    Disney re-used these doll things at Epcot Center for several years after it opened. They were re-dressed in the costumes of all the countries of World Showcase and performed in shows and parades around the lagoon there.

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