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    Quote Originally Posted by ModHatter
    I just don't know if that's the way to "savor the challenge and promise of the future." But then again, I also think that's a failing of the Nemo overlay in general.

    wow, so i typed this whole long thing addressing this, and then my internet messed up and closed before i could post it, so now its going to be a brief summary of what i said lol

    while i agree that this is one of the failings on the nemo overlay, i think that if we are able to educate future generations (ie the kids who will be in line to ride the subs so that they can find nemo), if we can educate them on some of the problems facing our oceans, ie oil spills and the like, maybe they wont only want to find nemo, but save him as well. even if the ride doesnt do this, but is left for the queue, i can't think of a better way to "savor the challenge and promise of the future" than by gettin our youths to be environmentally conscious and friendly. get kids interested in it young and theyll be thinking about it their whole lives. as mentioned on this site over and over, tomorrow isnt only about space, its about a whole bunch of things, probably the most important of which is solving the problems that plague us today and will continue to plague us tomorrow if we do nothing about it. as i said, even if the nemo ride doesnt get kids to be aware of some of our ocean's problems and make them want to change things, maybe at least the queue can

    well my first post was a lot more articulate and a lot longer, but u guys get what i'm going for with this idea of the queue.......
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    Well, I understand and appreciate the idea. I mean, I am unabashedly in love with the Horizons-era Epcot. I just think that focusing on all the environmental problems may prove to be too much of a bumout for a theme park.

    I guess I would like to see an approach that inspires people to achieve the wonders of the future while still being able to appreciate the present. You don't want your theme park guests going on a ride that makes them thing that humanity is on a tightrope over destruction, and can fall off at any time. I'm exaggerating of course, just to emphasize how a good-intentioned approach can turn for the worse.

    I think a safer approach will be to trace submarine history, from the Civil War subs (which would actually help my idea to put some 20K references in NOS like in one of my sig links), discussing the sub's transition from military use to a means of research and exploratrion, paralleling Disney's switch from naval gray to scientific yellow.

    I think Carousel of Progress was a great model for Epcot, and could apply to Tomorrowland more often too. Be mindful of the past, and what has led us to the present, and show us what comes next. Not five, ten, even twenty years in the future. To paraphrase Casey Kasem, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars. Don't just aim for Mars, aim for that new solar system. Don't just take us to a reef, take us to the bottom of the Marianas.
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