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    Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking around MiceChat for months now...and have pretty much been too shy to post. For some reason it's been difficult for me to to say things on message boards ever since I stopped playing VMK.

    Anyways, I have been wondering this for a while...and wanted to know what other "Disney geeks," thought of it.

    A couple weeks ago one of my closest friends and I had a talk about dreams. Seeing as we're both really optimistic about the future as we're embarking on our senior year in high school, I couldn't help but blab on about my dreams. Getting that principal chair in a major symphony orchestra, finding that "one love," or being able to synthesize Dole Whips out of thin air. But as our conversation went on, we got more idealistic and I starting thinking about what made my friend and I so excited about what's coming next.

    And I thought of Disneyland and the idea of being youthful and innocent because above everything else, Disneyland represents an escape from the outside world and a place where the dreams and ideas of ordinary people can become tangible and real. She told me that I have so much going for me because I have an ability to understand and make sense of complex ideas, and yet can jump around and be excited about finding out one of our lunch hangouts started serving pineapple frozen yogurt. She thought that my love for Disney and appreciation for the fantastical would help me become something more than what I think I could be...because I was never afraid to dream.

    So, what do you all think? Does this special connection to Disneyland really have a special way of influencing our lives and our worldview? Does being young at heart and being unafraid to dream give us the ability to accomplish great things? I'ld love to know what you all think.

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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    To me I wish it could be all the reasons you said, but I grew up around here and DL was always there. I try to remind myself to not take it for granted. In a way when your parents divorce, you move a way from your old home, friends or family die, you leave the Los Angeles/orange county area and then you get to come back home to DISNEYLAND. It is my home away from home. It is so nice to go to place that really hasnt changed all that much. I could walk down main street and everything is really almost the same. See places in the park where I had fun with freinds or I held my mom or dads hand when I was little. To me its a great place to go and just remember how things were and to make new memories.
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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    I think that having an optimistic view can certainly help take a great deal of the fear out of trying new things. I've sadly lost some of my optimism and am frantically trying to get some back because without it tasks become much harder because of an immobolizing fear that things won't turn out right. I believe imagination is very important since it helps to think of things in a different light and thus find other solutions. People shouldn't be afraid of exercising this gift.

    Now, I don't think my connection to Disneyland influences my worldview since that is based on a whole heap of things together, but it is certainly a piece of my life. While getting my bachelors I would go there to study and to relieve stress. When I didn't feel like I could take much more at school a trip to Disneyland would cure it. I also love to see that there are still people out there who can look at things with a childlike wonder since far too often a jaded look clouds people's eyes. I like to drench myself in the dream that is Disneyland and try once again to convince myself that impossibilities can become possible.

    Good luck with all of your dreams. I hope they aren't fleeting at that you're able to grasp every one of them.

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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    It's certainly affected me. I doubt I'd be as creative as I am had it not been for Disneyland. But for the most part I'd figure it's on an individual basis, depending on how much you appreciate it I guess.

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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    Wow how wonderful to be what 17 / 18 ???? At 50 I still believe in Disneyland and that it can wash away any problems or doubts at least for a few hours, yes it is escapism, but such a wonderful escape it is. Does it keep me young and idealistic? Yes at least while I am there. Its always the one that keeps me thinking if only I can go there my faith in dreams will be renewed and I go and it is . It can last more than the day just the planning alone can take away everyday mundaneness and make me happy.
    It truly is the place where I can relive my childhood with my mom and relatives, rehash my memories like my hubbys first time there at the age of 22, see my kids grow up in the park from infant to teen to getting married at the DL resort. I can relive memorable birthdays there thru the years , its a place where I mark my personal milestones.
    So far ( knock on wood ) everytime I visit I refuel my energy and belief in the magic and in myself. I cant wait till my next grandson is born and I will take his brother to DL to celebrate a new life and as soon as baby number 2 is old enough ( like a week old) he can come share the journey to.

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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    Yeah I think it does, absolutely. As the saying goes, "Dare to dream".
    It's the people who don't let go of those qualities of innocence, imagination, and wonder who really seem to go places in life or to simply be happier people.
    It's a choice, you know. It's easy to get beaten down by day-to-day life, work, the bills, relationships; but you have the choice on how to view that life. You can view it as if your whole life is in a cubicle, or you can view it the Disney way.
    I think, looking through history, those who are considered geniuses typically tend to hold onto that beautiful sense of wonder about things. On the flip side of that though, they're usually called crazy, weird, flighty, eccentric, etc. It's a quality the majority of the world loves to trample on, sadly.
    I've often wondered which is the ideal way of living, and by that I mean the way we are all "supposed" to live. Which is right? Living as if you're in Disneyland, or living as if you're back on the 5 freeway. Personally, I have always lived the Disney way (if you want to call it that) and have always been a happy and successful person, more so than others in my age bracket. Worked for Walt, and it's working for me!

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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    DisneyJunkie and Tinkerbell said it for me! At 62, it is still my Happiest Place on Earth. I don't live in Calif. anymore so do not get to go often (once or twice a year), but growing up there I made many visits.

    I had never thought about how it affected my outlook, my attitude, my life. I still have the ability to dream big, believe in magic, have faith in happy endings....never lose that! I think to be young at heart is so important. Grow up...never.

    So, yes, maybe my DL connection has been a plus in life that many do not have. Hang on to it, embrace it, and follow your dreams....always!!
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    Re: Dreams, Youth, and Disneyland

    Magic is what makes the world move, the sky blue, the flowers bloom and thunder crack. It's magic to be alive and the world is a wonderland.

    Disneyland creates that effortlessly and the magic that you carry in your heart reflects in who you are and the people in your life sense it. And they LOVE you for it.
    Magic. It's important...and yes, it can be kitchy and commercial and money-obsessed and all about selling and marketing...but only if you let it. Only if you want it to be that.
    For me, the joy I get and the memories of just being in that place is worth every dime, every magic memory etched into my son's face is worth sacrifice.

    The magic we are instilling into him is worth it. And THAT is magic too.

    -Prof. Griffin

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