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    Re: Star Tours 60 hour party?

    I was at the Star Tours party. They even gave out these neat cheap watches with your paid admission! I wish I still had that.

    During the day, the wait was many hours, according to the radio announcements. (It was heavily advertised on the radio, and the DJs were shilling it whether they were paid to or not I do not know.) My friends went into the park at 2 AM and the line was shortest, maybe 45 minutes or so. We went on Space Mountain to stay awake!

    The reason we went in at 2 AM is because the admission price was reduced during the early morning hours. I forget how much it was exactly, but it was quite a bit cheaper. And I remember having $5 in my pocket so I could buy a cheeseburger and drink at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

    Good times. Oh yeah, my friends also went into to watch Captain EO. Apparently, lots of fans of that movie were in attendance, because we heard this giant synchronized "OOOH" go out over the audience just as Michael Jackson did his "OOOH" before starting to dance.

    Man, I miss those days.

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    Re: Star Tours 60 hour party?

    I went to both the Star Tours and Captain EO parties...great times!! I found my Star Tours commemorative watch a when I was cleaning out some junk in an old dresser drawer a couple months back.

    IIRC, the admission price was reduced after midnight (or 10??), so we took advantage of the deal. We waited FOREVER to ride Star Tours...the line was way down Main Street. When we exited the ride the sun was just starting to come up. Wouldn't it be awesome if they did this kind of event for Nemo?
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