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    Re: am a bit dissappointed

    I echo everyone else who says Quality and Storyline are the most important thing. OK, you're disappointed, I think you would be A
    LOT more disappointed if this attraction would blow up, just like the
    whole Rocket Rods debacle. Costs were cut, storyline minimal,
    infastructure was not appropriately done, and that ended up meaning
    delayed openings anyway, horrendously long lines, continuous break
    downs, tires wearing out too quickly, indefinite closures of attraction,
    one of which it never came out of.

    That's JUST one example of how NOT to open an attraction.

    I say thank goodness someone who has pride and respect for DL
    and IS a proven winner, is doing all he can to make sure this
    will be THE top notch attraction that it should be.

    I too can't believe there is a topic like this when DCA is still considered
    a challenge by Iger, and TL is still suffering from it's '98 makeover.

    Neither the Haunted Mansion, nor Pirates of the Caribbean were cheap
    nor easy. And the public knows that. THATS why they are still the premier attractions at DL.

    Also, you said from a WDW perspective, those were the only new things.
    You may want to take a look at Monsters Inc. in DCA.

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    Re: am a bit dissappointed

    I'm not reading this entire thread, so forgive me if this has already been said:

    Completely restructuring a ride like the Subs can EASILY take a longer time than working from scratch on a new attraction. You have to work with the existing ride footprint in order to even begin planning the overhaul, update existing elements built in the late 50's with 21st century code standards, work out the previous problems with the location like the leaks, and THEN you can start adding state of the art technology, completely rehab the subs themselves, build an entierely new show building, record and remaster an entirely new soundtrack and voice work, work out computer programing kinks, etc. etc. etc.

    Frankly I'm stunned they've been able to pull this off in ONLY two years!

    I'll gladly wait as long as it takes to get this attraction done RIGHT. Thank GOD Lasseter is at the helm and is making sure this ride gets every penny it needs and all the TLC it deserves. The man is a genius, and I trust what he's doing implicitly.

    Oh, and I won't whine when my AP goes up another $30. The park is well worth it, many times over.


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    Re: am a bit dissappointed

    Quote Originally Posted by Cmash95
    let's see there were how many price increases last year? and then again this year... and you can bet when the subs come online there will be another one. DL isn't any different price wise than WDW and everytime a new attraction came online the prices rose at least a dollar even if they had already risen that year. I remember one year prices were raised 3 times. that was the year mgm came online. I am all for quality but it shouldnt take two years to do a ride that already has half of it's structure in place. two years to build a ride from scratch,, ok but not one that already exists. it didn't take two years to update HM or pirates, it shouldnt take two years to redo subs.
    so, the prices go up...bog deal. they always go up. I feel AP's should be more expensive anyway and regualr ticket prices should remain hight to keep the types of people who flood MM...of course this is just my opinion.

    Also, the subs have been closed for so long I'm sure it needs major work. I'm glad they are takign the time to do it right and not rushing through it.

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    Re: am a bit dissappointed

    I think Walt Disney had it right the first time, get it done and get it done right! Spending to much money? Well if you look at TOT at DCA they didnt spend enough. I think it was 180 million for the one at MGM and they are building one at TDL (disney sea I think) for about the same price. The one at DCA was about 80 million and doesnt do half what the one at MGM does. TOT was not a home run at DCA. Let them take their time on the SUBs, I can wait. This one might be the E-ticket that does for DL that INDY did in 1995. If you are planning a Vacation to see the new Attraction wait til the end of the year.

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