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Thread: I'm So Excited

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    Talking I'm So Excited

    I have been checking southwest airlines off and on for about a month now, trying to decide if I wanted to book my Disneyland flights NOW or wait to see if prices go down. I am hearing so much about flights going UP because of gas prices. Most of the time I check and prices are holding at about $79 one way from San Jose to Burbank. Today I checked and they are offering internet only fares for $49 one way! SO I GRABBED IT! Saved me and my son over $120!! YAY FOR US.

    Plus I found out quite by accident, that the second day of our visit will be the first day of the new HALLOWEEN thing they are doing! I'm so EXCITED!!

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    Re: I'm So Excited

    Quote Originally Posted by Leofoenget
    I'm so EXCITED!!
    .......and you just can't hide're about to lose control and you think you like it................You're so excited......yada yada yada!

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    Re: I'm So Excited

    I am so happy for you.. good for you... you guys will have ablast here.

    Friends for life

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