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    Yep, we used to let our pass expire until we were ready to go down again (therefore "extending" the year) but now with the discount only being available upon renewing, it behooves us to keep it current (six renewals times $20 each...). They will consider you a new applicant and not a renewal. But hey, anything is possible. Try asking a few different CM's. The answer might change!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramaqueen
    you can get an AP at most disney stores as well as through their website.
    Um, no. Not all. In Minnesota we are "WDW" stores so if you want DL tickets you have to get order them and pick them up (just as if you ordered them online). The West Coast stores are "DL" stores and then you'd order for WDW. With the new program this Jan. we stopped selling the WDW APs so you might need to be careful about TDS on the West Coast still selling DL APs. I don't know for sure since they're in a different district then me but it's not a guarantee.

    I have a question about renewing by mail. I know you can do it up within 2 months from when yours expires. Mine expires July 4th and I need it for July 15th. Will Disneyland send me information anytime soon or do I need to call the ticketing number? Last time I called I was on hold for quite some time! Does anyone know? I want the Tink desgin!! Thanks.

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    Hi I recently saw an ad for APs in Westways, a magazine sent out to AAA members, and it showed a new AP logo with the golden castle design. Does anyone know if this is the design they will be using. I thought it looked nice if I'm not able to renew with the Tink design in time.
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