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    Re: The Disneyland Reality Show

    It ain't gonna happen. Disney wouldn't buy it.
    1. You'd need signed releases of every guest & cm at the park that day.
    2. Disney wouldn't allow you to say their characters aren't real...(hence,
    one could not 'climb into a costume').
    3. Disney wants all 'ideas' to come from within their 'imagineering walls'.
    I had 2 spectacular ideas for them and I was rejected on both, with
    only a 'we don't accept any unsolicited, outside ideas."
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    Re: The Disneyland Reality Show

    I agree about the "Day in a CM Life" never flying with Disney. (I am employed by the Mouse, too.) I could see the reality-imagineering idea working because it would generate so much publicity for not only the idea of Imagineering (showing how much work goes into the rides), but how Disney really does listen to the people. They show these "behind the scenes" stuff on Discovery Channel etc., so why not on ABC?

    I can just see "the ride you built/chose" marketing campaign now... they could stick it in an international park, too, to generate more international business. Just a thought
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