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    Question Annual pass signup procedure for SoCal residents

    Does anyone know what time the Disneyland annual pass center open and what time it closes? Does it operate during the same hours as the park? I have park hopper tickets that I will upgrade to AP. I'm hoping I can beat the line at the AP booth (I'm told there can be 45min wait involved?!) - Does it open during early entry? Or perhaps I can drop by just before the park closes? Any ideas?

    I'm planning on upgrading to SoCal AP. I've been told you need to show drivers license when signing up. This is a problem for my new sister-in-law. She's a new addition to the family, and as such, her drivers license still shows her old Northern California address. Does anyone know what the cast member at the AP center will do in this case? What "documentation" will they ask for? Teehee...I don't suppose they will ask for the marriage certificate??!!

    Thanks in advace for your help. Please forgive this newbie's questions. This is the first year I've been able to afford getting an AP! I'm so excited!

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    Re: Annual pass signup procedure for SoCal residents

    The Annual Passport Center in the Bank in Disneyland has the same hours as Main Street, meaning that they open during summer when the park opens, and close 1 hour after the park does. There's rarely lines during this time of the year, but there can be September through June. Note that the lines are lower when the park opens, and the last hour before they close.

    The rules just say that you have to show 'proof of residence', not necessarily an actual license. Any photo ID might work, or you can show a photo ID along with a utility in her name, a lease agreement, or a house deed, among other items that might serve as proof.

    Call Disneyland's main line for any other questions - they might be able to help as well.

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