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    Re: Captain Jack Sparrow

    I met Jack Sparrow on Sunday. He signed my cast and then told me I had to join Davy Jones since I had a broken arm lol. He's really funny and worth waiting for (I had to wait 30 minutes)

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    Re: Captain Jack Sparrow

    When I saw Jack on July 15th I had handed him my autograph book and right next to were I wanted him to sign it at. It had Chicken Little's autograph at. He was looking at it and was saying. What kind of a chicken can right that is so small but it's big to sign. He was just looking at it. Then when I hand him my Belle pin for he can sign he goes. OH the wish took the little chickens feathers. He was a crack up. And also before I got his picture and autograph we had to play fallow the Jack. Where ever he when everyone had to fallow him or no pictures and autographs. He was so funny.

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