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    Vermont TOURISTS Trip Report: Day 4, July 24, 2006

    [Preface: Friday --After a 500 mile drive from Grand Canyon Village to Anaheim via Interstate 40 and a bit of Route 66 through Kingman and Oatman, Arizona and some grueling traffic on I-15 just past Yorba Linda or so, the family (DW, DS age 5.5) and I pulled up to the Disneyland Hotel at around 6:30 PM, Maybe 7.]

    Gotta jot down this stuff quick while it is still sorta fresh in my memory. I write this after midnight on day 5, and already day four's activities are begin to fade and blend.

    A good night's (and morning's) sleep did wonders for the family's mood. Rested and refreshed, we monorailed into the park and railroaded past dinosaurs directly to the River Belle Terrace for Mickey Pancakes to start off what would prove to be a long day within the berm.

    In no particular order, we knocked off

    "Scary Caves" (aka Tom Sawyer's Island)
    Pooh (absolutely zero line and eliciting just an OK from resident target demographic, our 5.5 year old boy)
    Tarzan's Treehouse (featuring 10 minute percussion solo by son at attraction exit)
    Bengal Barbecue (while we still can!)
    Jungle Cruise
    Buzz lightyear
    Astro Orbiter
    Small World
    Roger Rabbit? yeah, I think we did another
    Blue Bayou
    Another POTC

    Some words on the Blue Bayou: food was generally pretty OK. I had the crab cakes, and they were divine -- not the best ever (see Melrose, Washington DC), but perhaps top five. The beef ribs were pretty good, too, and all liked the gumbo. Wife spit Mahi Mahi with boy, and they both enjoyed it, although wife thought it was missing something. In general, we were pretty satisfied with the food.

    However, while the service was very fast and mostly attentive (I never had an empty mint julio glass), it seemed a little cold and impersonal -- rapport and cast/guest interaction were exchanged for machine-like efficiency. Also, the tables are just way to packed together to offer the proper intamacy.

    After the second pirates, wife and son booked back to the Sierra Tower to watch bangs. I stayed in the park and used up some of the unused fast-passes we accumulated during the day, starting with splash mountain. Lapped that twice waiting for the three space mountain passes I carried to become valid, then headed there. Short on time, I asked the cute date couple who rode just in front of me if they liked the attraction. They said it was awesome, so I handed them the two extra fast passes I had in my pocket. They were appropriately appreciative. Then onto the monorail, up to the room just in time for the fireworks.

    Once the boy was in bed, I dashed out again to go "shopping," which meant monorail to Matterhorn to a last-in-line 11 PM Haunted Mansion. Then searching the Main Street Shops and DTD for stuff they didn't have (a decent wallet, a copy of the half-naked wench pirate painting from the POTC caves -- copy of which on display in Disney Store Window). No Go.

    I came back to the hotel empty handed. Exhausted, I hit the bed and was instantly asleep, barely ready for our fifth and final day.

    Four days of our five day Park Hopper ticket used, and we still haven't been in either Innoventions or DCA. Go figure...
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