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    Old POTC Voice Overs

    I was just listening to's radio and the POTC track came on. as i was listening i heard something that i had never heard before. there seemed to be different pirates telling stories about all the dead skeleton pirates before you enter the cursed cave tunnel. did this ever make it to the ride? or did they take it off before my first trip to DL? (went for 1st time in about '89, age 3 so prob wouldnt remember if they had it then)

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    That was an unused idea for the caves. There was going to be the voices of dead pirates telling the stories of the bones you float by. I was there the other day and my friend made mention of that and how it would have been a big mess and I think I agree.

    You can get it on the 33th anniversary POTC cd that came out a few years ago, thats prolly where VisionFantasic got it.

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