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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    The weather should be cool in the morning, warming up to the upper 70's in the afternoon, and returning to chilly lower 60's by nightfall.
    Follow mom's advice and "layer" your clothes. You really only need a sweatshirt or light jacket for the evening. Shorts and a light, long-sleeved t-shirt would work during the day.
    It is a bit too chilly for swimming though.

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    Okay, I need to think these answers out before hitting the "submit" button.
    If you are going to DCA, have some chowdah in a sourdough bowl at fisherman's warf.
    California screamin' is a must.
    Both 3, er, 4-D movies are good (even though they are at WDW).
    Soarin' is excellent.
    Grizzly River Rapids is much better than Kali River Rapids.
    Finally (and I know I am COMPLETELY ALONE in this thought) make sure you see the Golden Dreams movie. It gives an entertaining and brief synopsis of California's history. I don't get why people don't like it. It makes me cry each time I leave.

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    I was at DL on year on Thanksgiving Day, what a mistake, it was so crowded we got trapped by people and strollers and could not move. We were over by the Jungle Cruise, a notrious bottleneck. We left DL and went over to DCA just to get some space. Sorta loses it's magic when that happens. Just FYI.

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdave
    Finally (and I know I am COMPLETELY ALONE in this thought) make sure you see the Golden Dreams movie. It gives an entertaining and brief synopsis of California's history. I don't get why people don't like it. It makes me cry each time I leave.
    Well, I don't are not alone - Golden Dreams is one of my favorite things to do at DCA.

    OP: I will also be going during Thanksgiving week. We arriving on Saturday, November 18 and staying for 4 nights (hoping to avoid extreme Thanksgiving crowds!!!)

    My favs at DL are:
    - Indiana Jones Adventure
    - Splash, Space, Big Thunder Mountain
    - Matterhorn
    - Pirates of the Caribbean (can't wait to see the new version)
    - Haunted Mansion
    - Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
    - Peter Pan's Flight
    - Fantasmic!!! (a must see show)

    Wait, I like EVERYTHING!!!

    These are the only attractions that I avoid - Star Tours, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, and Gadget's Go Coaster.

    At DL, my favorite places to eat are Redd Rocket's Pizza Port (Tomorrowland) and River Belle Terrace (Frontierland).

    ***Note: My DL to DCA ratio is about 4:1

    My favs at DCA are:
    - Soarin' Over California
    - Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
    - Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular

    Oh, and YOU MUST get an Alpha Bravo Chili Burger from Taste Pilot's Grill (next to Soarin'). Yummmmm....

    Hopefully, Remember: Dreams Come True (fireworks) will still be showing while we are there. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I also love Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams.


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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    the things i would hit at disneyland:

    1. pirates-cuz every pirates is unique and different
    2. space mountain
    3. splash mountain
    4. haunted mansion-cuz it'll have the holiday overlay
    5. indiana jones
    6. buzz lightyear astro blasters-cuz they make for some really fun competition among the family members to see who can score the highest
    7. jungle cruise-cuz it's my fave and no trip is exactly the same
    8. it's a small world-cuz it'll have the holiday overlay, too

    at dca i would hit:

    1. soarin'
    2. grizzly river run
    3. california screamin'
    4. tower of terror
    5. disney animation building-hit everything!

    regarding the weather, it'll be fairly cold in the morning, warm up to the 70's in the afternoon, and get pretty cold at night

    one last will be CROWDED wednesday through saturday, perhaps into sunday morning!

    good luck and HAVE FUN!!!
    I'd rather be at Disneyland

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    Frogberto - remind me to call you when I have a presentation to make! You are so thorough!

    My advice for a first visit is just have fun. Take it easy and breathe it all in!

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    No one's said it yet, but I think you should check out the Tiki Room, especially if the FL version is still "Under New Management." This was the first audio-animatronic attraction at DL (I'm pretty sure) and is one of those classic, "Walt worked on it himself" attractions. Plus, there are the Dole Whips nearby which apparently have habit-forming narcotics in them. Double whammy!

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    I am taking my first trip in November as well! I am a yearly visitor to WDW but have always wanted to hit DLR. I am excited because this will be my first trip with kids! I am meeting my brother and his wife and their 5 kids... ages 2 to 12, a nice mix. Also, the grandparents/babysitters are coming and are thrilled to sit with the little ones while all the big kids ride, a great bonus!

    They are meeting me the sunday of thanksgiving weekend and leaving wednesday evening. This should give us some nice low-crowd days. I, however, plan on flying in Friday since it is my first trip...I want to maximize my park time. I know that it will be PACKED on saturday and most of sunday, but think that being solo and just so plain excited to be there for the first time will make it enjoyable.

    Am I crazy for going by myself and for my very first time on the saturday of thanksgiving weekend?

    My plan is to go early, use fastpass, and do large cpapcity stuff like the train and stuff. I will also hop to DCA if it is intollerable.

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    Re: First trip EVER this November

    My must ride/see list goes like this

    1. Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters (I'm very competitive and I always try to beat my highest score and I love emailing myself the picture from the ride!)
    2. Pirates
    3. Haunted Mansion
    4. Space Mtn
    5. Big Thunder Mtn
    6. Indiana Jones
    7. Jungle Cruise (Yea cheesy jokes!)
    8. Enchanted Tiki Room (if you enjoy pineapple be sure to try a Dole Whip or a Dole Float which are sold right outside the Tiki Room)
    9. Splash Mtn (you are going in Nov and sometimes you really get soaked on this ride now so only go if you want to get wet)
    10. Peter Pan's Flight (Kiddie ride but I love it!)
    11. Gadget's Go Coaster
    12. Dumbo's flying elephants! (another kiddie one!)

    ~California Adventure~
    1. Soarin'
    2. Screamin' (The only ride that goes upside down)
    3. Mission Tortilla Factory (I love getting the free tortillas!! If it's your bday they give you a pack of them!) accross the way is the sourdough bread factory and they give you a little bread too but I don't like it as much as the tortillas!
    4. Turtle talk with Crush in the Animation studio. It's sooo fun and cute!! And if you are chosen to talk to Crush he gives you a turtle name....mine is Deep Sea Divin' Dianne!
    5. Sorceror's Workshop in the Animation studio. In one room you can create your own animation clip. Then you get to take a Disney quiz and they tell you which Disney character you are most like (Mine is Belle aka bookworm) The last room has you sing or act out certain scenes from Disney movies and plays it back for you (audio only).
    6. Tower of Terror!! This is the only ride at Disneyland that freaks me out!
    7. Monster's Inc ride (at the end of the ride Roz has something to say to someone in your car!)

    I've never been able to fit these all into one single day...I'd probably drop dead to the floor of exhaustion but these are my faves!

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