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  • Muppets

    36 43.90%
  • Monsters Inc.

    46 56.10%
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    Re: Which Dark Ride Would You Prefer: "Muppets" or "Monsters Inc." ?

    ^ But it has been sold, and it's an amazing ride! With an amazing door sequence

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    Re: Which Dark Ride Would You Prefer: "Muppets" or "Monsters Inc." ?

    Yes, I've been on the current ride and it's an ok ride to those who have seen the movie. If they added a better queue, a "vista scene", better animatronics in the form of moving mouths for the characters who talk, and a non-flat track or downward views, I would up the ride from ok to good.

    Imagine if you hadn't seen the movie though, the ride is told in shorthand. You come upon the doors, yet know nothing about them. It's not an easy concept to sell quickly. Even the concept of a city of monsters that are afraid of kids is only lightly communicated. For comparison, you know all you need to know to understand every scene in the Indiana Jones ride without having seen the movie.

    It's for these reasons I think a good muppet ride is easier to do and more likely to be enjoyed in 10 years. As for the 3D movie, I wish they had not included the dorky computer graphic character. While cutting edge when created, he is now dated, not well known, and hard to explain to people.

    That said, I don't think you need a muppet ride when you have a movie theater.

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