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  • The Main Street Electrical Parade

    16 19.28%
  • Submarine Voyage

    18 21.69%
  • Adventure Through Inner Space

    13 15.66%
  • Country Bear Jamboree

    17 20.48%
  • The Peoplemover

    35 42.17%
  • Skyway to Tomorrowland/Fantasyland

    19 22.89%
  • CircleVision

    2 2.41%
  • Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland

    8 9.64%
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

    14 16.87%
  • America Sings

    9 10.84%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Skyway and Castle Walkthrough.

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    My first trip to Disneyland was in 1979. I was six years old. I remember the experience vivdly. Pirates was awesome, but it freaked me out. I thought they were trying to shoot me! But I knew I was safe with my parents riding along side me enjoying the adventure. I loved the people mover, and in the 80's I loved the tron part of the ride. My parents loved the ride to, because it was grown up enough for them to enjoy. 1991 was the last time before the new millenium that I would experience Disneyland again. In 2003, I got married and took my wife on a surprise trip to Disneyland and was saddened by the fact, that every family ride except Pirates and the Haunted Mansion had been stripped out of the park. I now have a 10 month old daughter, and I will not spend the money to go to Disneyland with her, because in Five years we can't ride the rides together. My favorite ride growing up was AMerica Sings. I loved the revolving theatre, and the cool Robots that sang and danced. It inspired my imagination. I like the fact that it was a longer show, that even if you lined up for an hour, you could sit down and enjoy 20 minutes fo fun, not 2 minutes like a fantasyland ride. I would travel back to canada, and try and build the ride with my Lego. I always wondered why they tore out the ride, and left it empty for so many years! Oh well I have great video footage of it. I think that is what I miss most about the long gone rides, are that they inspired my imagination, as well as entertained me.

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    We need the peoplemover back! A really fast loader that travels through a bunch of really cool attractions...come back! I really like the TTA in FL, I really can't ride coasters, and I like being able to see Space Mountain without having to ride it. Plus, after a long day when feet are tired, it's great to have a nice cruise through the future!
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    I don't have strong attatchments to many of these rides, and the ones that I do many times have replacements that do much the same thing with different theming (Subs/Nemo) or are simply going on somewhere else.

    In the end, the decision was between MSEP rolling down Main Street purely for nostalgic reasons or the Skyway purely for practical ones (Unthemed rooftops are ugly!) Skyway won out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndersDMB
    I have to vote for the Peoplemover. It worked so well as a method of showing you throughout Tomorrowland.

    This would be a good reason to keep it/bring it back, IF there were anything to see in Tomorrowland except dissapointment. If they bring them back now, they'd probably be more successful because of all the improvements being made unlike the ones they attempted in '98. Wait, people movers weren't even there THEN... Crikey...
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