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    I Finally Listened to WDW's Wishes and...

    Mind you, I did know that our current show Remember...Dreams Come True's beginning sequence was taken from Walt Disney World's Wishes, but I've never actually listened to Wishes until a couple nights ago. When I first listened to the soundtrack, I immediately thought of Remember, but no Julie Andrews. After listening to the music, I must say, I was a little disappointed in Disneyland. Matt Ouimet spared no expense to make sure that the 50th Anniversary went off without a hitch, made sure that the new attractions/improved attractions were perfect, but how come he couldn't "spare no expense" for a new musical score for DisneyLAND's 50th fireworks show, instead of taking the easy way out and copying Walt Disney World's music? I know Disneyland has gotten in a bad habit of cloning attractions from other Disney theme parks rather than creating new ORIGINAL ones, but have they gotten so bad that they clone the fireworks shows too?

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    Re: I Finally Listened to WDW's Wishes and...

    Erm, there's a reason for the shared music. Wishes was intended to be a be-all fireworks show for every Disney park. One fireworks show that could play at all the Kingdoms around the world.

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    Re: I Finally Listened to WDW's Wishes and...

    Even if the original intent was to have the song in all 5 Magic Kingdoms, "Wishes" the song was debuted elsewhere before it's addition to DL, contributing to the pre-existing sentiment that DL got gipped on it's own birthday party since all the good presents (new attractions) went to everyone else. "Remember" ends up feeling just a little less special, regardless of the intent of including "Wishes."

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    Re: I Finally Listened to WDW's Wishes and...

    As I understand it, the music was entirely re-recorded for "Remember..." although much of it is exactly the same. I don't mind the similarities, I think it's a beautiful song anyway.

    I also like how Matt Ouimet gets blamed for no new musical score for the fireworks.

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    Re: I Finally Listened to WDW's Wishes and...

    yes it's my recolection that it was steve davidson who did remember

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    Re: I Finally Listened to WDW's Wishes and...

    Using the same sound track was really because of two reasons:

    1) Wishes was popular. Why try a new soundtrack if you already have a hit?

    2) It costs money to do a new soundtrack. Disney will save a penny every place they can.

    Personally, I think that a different soundtrack should be for every park. The idea that Disney would do one soundtrack for every park is silly. Japanese have different tastes in music than we do. I can imagine that the Europeans also differ in this area. It would have been a little extra touch to make the 50th celebration an even better one to have unique music. Frankly, I think that the Wishes score is rather weak. I don't blame Matt Ouimett, it was probably "mandated" from the Disney Central Committee in Orlando.
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