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    I agree with Dan the man Disney, Under New Management sucks! The songs, Iago's voice, and the story line are so annoying. The Tiki Room at WDW is no longer Enchanted.

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    Flame me, but I actually enjoy WDW's Tiki Room. For those of us who wouldn't die for the original version, the new show is actually a lot of fun. The AA Tiki Goddess is spectacular, the songs are catchy, the Iago and Zazu banter funny, and the show fresh. I'm not saying they should change Disneyland's (they shouldn't) but I really didn't find much to dislike about WDW's version.

    I especially like the end, where if you hang around inside long enough, you can hear Iago telling Zazu "I'm kinda tired...I'm gonna fly over to the Hall of Presidents for a nap." Priceless.

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    In Al's Update today He mentions the opening of Tiki on the 17th... Is this a typo? Im hoping It is and will reopen as scheduled on the 12th... Anyone know what the correct date is???

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    Maybe they should rename WDW's version the Annoying Tiki Room.

    Granted, I liked Gilbert Godfrey doing Iago in the movie, but that doesn't belong in the Tiki Room.

    I'm glad I've never seen the WDW version. I would have been pissed!

    Yes, I do take my Tiki Room seriously, thank you very much!
    Happy Anniversary, MiceChat!

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