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    Quote Originally Posted by mantrasia
    lets remember that eddie van halen did the guitar work for michael jackson's 'beat it' and that was a pretty popular song (even though MJ has gone nuts lately, you have to admit he was on top of the world in the early/mid 80's)

    i think it wouldnt be out of the question for van halen to write an original piece for the ride, instead of just grabbing parts of their existing songs.....especially since its known that he's a fan of disneyland
    I agree!!!! This doesn't mean that they are going to piece together a convoluted mix of old stuff. I couldn't see old lyrics flowing with the timing of the ride. It just doesn't seem like it would work. However, if they do an original soundtrack that is synchronized with the timing of the track, with the genius of VAN, they can appeal to many age groups.

    It would be cool if we were given a choice of what soundtrack we wanted to listen to while on the ride. So, there would be a ROCK, Metal, Grundge, Hip-Hop, Easy listening, Classical, ECT. option at the touch of a screen in front of you on each car. The speakers are right there at your head, so each car on one train would have their own separate version. It's do-able!!!!

    Hey, we can imagineer too!
    "Your dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." - Walt Disney

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    Lol @ This Thread

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