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    Question Disneyland: Important facts

    Hello there everyone! For my senior exhibition I have decided to report the history of Disneyland. I've already gotten most of my information from Disneyland's timeline, but if you feel that there is some vital information that I must include please help me. Any facts that would be of interest. Any sites that contain this information will also be helpful. Certain aspects that I must deal with are: Walt's reason for creating Disneyland, Walt's reason for his choice of Anaheim, How Walt got his connection with ABC in order to help fund his Disneyland Project, Introduction of certain technologies used in Disneyland, and Creative minds behind Disneyland's past and present. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    I would email Guest Communications. Just logon to and click "contact us!"
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    Do something on the omnimovers and the worlds fairs Walt went to. No specific site comes to my mind, so you ought to google it. You picked an awesome project for your senior exhibition (At my school in oregon its called a senior project), good luck.
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    In cause you missed it, I would recommend This site will give you the history of major ride changes as to why a said ride was taken out, what replaced it, and how it changed the park.

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